I'm not sure why, but rainbows just make things better, especially for newborns. Perhaps it's because they're brilliant and vivid, or perhaps it's because they remind us of a simpler period when we were young and carefree. In any case, there's no doubt that rainbows are spectacular.

A Boho Macrame Rainbow Mobile is an excellent choice for a fun and colorful way to adorn your baby's crib! They are not only gorgeous to look at, but they may also help soothe and quiet your child. This blog article will feature some of our favorite DIY rainbow crib mobiles. We've compiled a list of over 17 of the top lessons from around the web, so you're sure to discover one that's right for you!

Here are some of the best DIY rainbow mobiles I've found:

  • Make a beaded rainbow mobile.
  • What could be more entertaining than a rainbow mobile? You designed your own rainbow mobile! This beaded rainbow mobile DIY project is ideal for a rainy day. You can make a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind mobile to liven up your baby's bed with just a few items.

  • mobile cardboard rainbow
  • This rainbow mobile is so much fun to build, and it's so simple! Simply grab some bright cardstock and get started. This would be a fantastic project to do with your children!

  • Rainbow Tactile Mobile Ribbon
  • This rainbow mobile is not only visually appealing, but it also delivers a wonderful tactile experience for your child. This mobile, made with different colors of ribbon, is sure to catch your baby's attention.

  • Mobile Paper Rainbow
  • This is a really easy rainbow mobile that you can construct at home with only a few items. All you'll need is some brightly colored paper, twine, and scissors. This project is ideal for small children or anyone looking for a quick and simple rainbow mobile.

  • The blue rainbow is turning on the go.
  • This is one of the most adorable rainbow mobiles you can make for your baby's bed. It is very easy to put together, especially since it comes in different shades of blue. It only needs a few things.

  • Rainbow Paintbrush Mobile
  • During the pandemic, children made rainbows and hung them in their front windows to spread joy and hope. Children from all across the world appear to be taking part since we are all in this together. This can also be used to introduce the vivid rainbow to a baby's bed.

  • Rainbow Rope Wall Hanging Kit
  • You don't have to be a rainbow chaser to see that this hanging kit is unique. The Rope Rainbow Wall Hanging Kit includes everything you need to create your own rainbow mobile for your baby's nursery.

  • Spinning the Rainbow of Mobile Color
  • This rainbow mobile is animated! Keep an eye on the colorful layers as they swing around. This awesome DIY project is perfect for kids! This rainbow mobile has everything that children enjoy! It's made of beads, paint, and bubble wrap, and it moves!

  • Mobile Craft Rainbow
  • This rainbow craft exercise is fantastic for not just practicing colors with your toddlers and preschoolers but also for improving fine motor skills, cutting skills, and hand-eye coordination.

  • Moving a rainbow and clouds into a baby crib
  • This rainbow and cloud mobile is too adorable to describe! It would be ideal for a newborn nursery or a rainbow-themed room. This mobile is constructed using felt balls and cardboard clouds. It's easy to prepare and just takes a few minutes.

  • To make a pom-pom mobile, select 8 yarn colors and 2 pom-pom maker sizes. We used rainbow-colored yarn and the little pom set of two from Clover seen in the photo.

  • Yarn, rainbow, and sun mobile colors
  • This is a fantastic rainbow mobile for anyone looking for something a little more colorful and entertaining. This mobile is constructed of yarn in a variety of hues, making it ideal for adding a splash of color to any area. Furthermore, the sun at the top of the mobile is sure to make your child grin.

  • Rainbow Pasta on the Go
  • What could be more entertaining for a rainbow-obsessed baby than a spaghetti mobile? This one is simple to build and may be personalized with your child's preferred colors. All you need is penne pasta, yarn, and a few other basic materials.

  • Rainbow Marama Rope Mobile
  • This rainbow mobile is ideal for a nursery or a young child's room. It's composed of macramé rope and has colorful tassels hanging from the rainbow. This mobile will undoubtedly brighten any room it is placed in.

  • Colorful Butterflies Crochet Pattern
  • If you want a colorful and beautiful rainbow mobile, this crochet pattern is perfect for you! This mobile is decorated with beautifully colored butterflies that are sure to attract your baby's attention. It's very simple to make, even if you're a newbie crocheter.

  • Baby Mobile with Flossed Hoops Embroidery
  • This lovely rainbow mobile is ideal for a nursery! It's simple to make and uses embroidery thread and a hoop. The instructions for this rainbow mobile can be found here.

  • Rainbow Felt Ball Mobile
  • This rainbow mobile is constructed using felt balls and dowels. It's a simple project that can be finished in an afternoon and will liven up any nursery.

    It's time to start making the greatest DIY rainbow mobile for babies now that you're an expert! We hope you have discovered a design you like and are looking forward to putting your unique touch on it. If not, don't worry; we have lots of other options for you to consider. So grab your materials and get ready to make something spectacular for your child. Happy making!