Our event calendar would generally start at this time of year, but for the past two years, the pandemic has prevented us from attending any events. Our gorgeous, extra-large baby swaddle blankets shine on occasions when they are always a hit with grandparents and parents. They are adored and cherished by both parents and babies. They stand out due to their excellent quality, straightforward layout, and various colors.

Our exquisite luxury knitted blankets are available in 6 exquisitely subdued colors and are manufactured from 100% naturally breathable organic cotton, making them excellent unisex/gender-neutral baby swaddle blankets and gifts.

Do infants require blankets?

We would agree that there is no such thing as having too many baby swaddle blanket. But there are situations when you need to exercise caution, like utilizing blankets in cribs. For more information and to keep your infant safe, consult The Lullaby Trust and the NHS's recommendations.

Which blankets are ideal for newborns?

Since there are many blankets for different scenarios, there are no swaddle baby blankets. Below, we have described the main 5 types of coverings. But if we had to pick one as the "best," we would undoubtedly pick our lovely, opulent crocheted blankets, which are made of 100% naturally breathable organic cotton certified by the GOTs.

How numerous robes does a baby need?

 You can only have a few robes! If you're looking to use robes when the baby sleeps also, the NHS advises that a room temperature between 16- 20 °C is ideal for babies, and you can acclimate how warm they're by using layers of featherlight robes. At this temperature, your baby will only need 1 or 2 cellular robes.

 Type of baby robes

Regarding baby robes, it's essential to know each type’s uses and brace each mask with its correct use. First of all, there are five main types of baby robes. These include entering robes, security robes, swaddling robes, crib robes, and cellular robes. When buying a mask for a baby or as a gift, always consider the unique requirements of the baby.

 Entering mask

 The name entering mask comes from the fact that this item is generally the first mask used to wrap up babies so that parents can “admit” their newest family member. Typically made from a relatively thin, soft, blarney cotton material.

Swaddle mask

 These are robes designed specifically for swaddling – they're large, thin, and permeable to help moderate the baby’s temperature. They're generally made from muslin which makes them highly protean.

 Security mask/ bedcover

A security mask is a bedcover for the child and an assurance to the parents that, once the show is in hand, their baby will soon be napping. Our robes make great bedclothes and are loved by CB toddlers who had them as babies.

 Crib/ hut mask

 Crib or hut robes are larger than entering robes and security robes. They come in colorful sizes, accouterments, and weights. For safety reasons, they should be free from loose vestments, buttons, yarns, and large holes. As the name suggests, they're used as robes in dachas or cribs.

 Cellular Blanket

Cellular robes are considered the stylish type of robes for babies (safer than coat robes which can be hot) and are used in hospitals. Snipper snapper, knitted or woven, allows for tailwind while also enmeshing air pockets to give redundant sequestration keeping your baby’s temperature regular.

 Why buy organic cotton baby robes?

 Organic cotton is an ideal material for bitsy baby-invigorated clothes and accessories and has numerous advantages over other accouterments, as well as traditional cotton.

.  It's kind to delicate skin.

. It's better for the terrain – organic cotton uses no fungicides and significantly lower water than traditional cotton products.

.  Free from fungicides and chemicals means that your baby isn't exposed to any substances that could irritate their skin or beget disinclinations.

. It'll keep your baby cooler in hot rainfall than apparel made from synthetic fibers.

. The quality is superior to other threads.

.  It's a veritably soft material and gets softer with every marshland.

It's exceptionally hard-wearing.


Why buy your baby robes from Cotton Boulevard?

 A family-run business, the platoon at Cotton Boulevard designs beautiful apparel for unseasonable babies, bitsy babies, babies, and toddlers of exceptional quality.

. Exceptional quality – All our apparel is made from GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. Our organic cotton meets the worldwide cloth processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria. When you dress your baby swaddle blanket in our apparel, you aren't only wrapping them in soft fabric that’s kind to their skin, and you’re helping the terrain too.

Sustainable Husbandry – Our growers in India produce all the organic cotton in our apparel using sustainable husbandry styles without using dangerous fungicides or synthetic fertilizers.

.  Our apparel is designed to ensure maximum comfort for your baby.

.  Each piece is hypocritically handmade in the softest organic cotton to ensure that only the loftiest quality garments are delivered to our guests.

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