A fringe swaddle blanket is the best pick in the book. Swaddling babies were thought to help them grow into strong, upright adults throughout the Middle Ages.

Even though we aren't as stressed out as we once were, swaddling little newborns has been shown to keep them calmer, easier to settle, and sleeping for longer periods of time.

So, what gives? What is this old magic, exactly?

Consider your child's previous environment: a dark, claustrophobic, and tightly controlled area where they were squashed into a little ball. As they approach the big, open world outside, where anything could move or tremble, they suddenly lose their cozy, familiar feeling.

Consider how terrifying that would be!

As you may be aware, children are born with a "Moro reflex," which some say dates back to a more primitive time. When your baby is on its back or scared, the Moro reflex causes its arms to jump upward and cling to you. Young monkeys are supposed to have a reflex that permits them to reach out and grab their mothers' hair to keep them from falling from a tree, where they would otherwise perish.

It implies that our less arboreal offspring are startled when they feel like they are falling, such as when they are suddenly laid on their backs or taken up too quickly. When you place a baby in their bed, they may wake up or transition from deep to light slumber.

As a result, we conclude.

Swaddling is one of our tips for getting your child to calm down faster and sleep longer. Download our Little One's App to learn more about strategies to enhance your baby's sleep. 

Which Fringe Swaddle Blanket Should I Use?

Choose one of the various swaddling alternatives and items that your baby feels at ease with. My infants all favored the tighter hands-down swaddles, such as Miracle Blankets, while my friends' children preferred the more flexible Love to Dream swaddles. In any case, you should select something that:

Fringe swaddle blanket is made of organic, breathable materials such as cotton, bamboo, or merino. NEVER wrap your infant in a synthetic or artificial fabric, such as fleece or polar fleece, as these materials are impermeable and increase the risk of overheating.

It's simple to put on and take off! To wrap your infant, you don't need eight arms or to be an octopus. Another concern is easy to access for late-night diaper changes, as you won't want to shred the wrap every time. Using a wrap with separate access for the bottom part is safe. Our first priority must be to provide safe bedding for our young children. As a result, the cloth on your baby's swaddle should never be slack or bunched up over his or her face. Use swaddling that is appropriate for their age and size.

How should I wrap my baby?

There are several ways to wrap your child depending on the type of swaddling you're employing. Several techniques are illustrated in the instructional video below, using various swaddles:

How might the swaddle aid my baby's sleep?

Babies, especially young ones, appreciate feeling cozy and safe, which a swaddle provides. Swaddling a crying baby can help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer because it reduces the startle response. If your child is a chronic sleeper, swaddling them can help them sleep for more than one sleep cycle.

When should I stop wrapping my baby?

If your child isn't turning over yet, you can keep them covered in a swaddle until they're around 5 or 6 months old. If they are rolling over, you should either untie them or use a rolling newborn-safe transitional swaddle, such as the Zapatero Zip or Sleepy Hugs.

I wouldn't say I enjoy swaddling my infant.

The majority of babies prefer to be swaddled. Some parents believe that a baby who wiggles or cries when swaddling is unhappy. Still, this is generally just a sign that the swaddle isn't tight enough or that the infant is overtired or overstimulated.

Is swaddling harmful to a baby's hips?

They will be safe if you wrap your child's hips correctly and not too tightly. Your baby's hips are protected when wrapped in a fitting swaddle like the Miracle Blanket, Love to Dream, or Ergo Pouch.

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While fringe swaddle blankets are useful for swaddling babies, investing in a few fringe swaddle blankets will provide a higher return on your investment.

In addition to swaddling your infant, a fringe swaddle blanket can be used for a variety of other functions. They can be utilized as warming stations, shopping cart covers, and bathrooms, among other things.

The only thing you can do with a swaddle blanket wraps it around the baby. Purchasing a couple of fringe swaddle blankets will be useful for many future products. 

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